30 April 2017

Book Review: Mirror Image by Danielle Steel

I'm not actually sure what I was expecting from this book. I got it cheap at a thrift store without even paying much attention to the description. I had never read Danielle Steel before and thought she must be pretty good because you see her books all over the place.

I can actually be kind of hard on authors that are new to me. And this book was wildly outside my usual realm of interest (this seemed literary rather than plot-driven, historical, as well as somewhat romantic). But I found it very interesting anyway. Some parts were a bit predictable to me but I found myself caring enough about the characters that I didn't mind. Well, I should say I cared a lot about Olivia and was curious about Victoria, whom I couldn't relate to as easily as I could Olivia. Overall, this was a pretty good book and mostly a clean read though with some sexual references etc. I won't be opposed to reading more from this author.