26 December 2016

Book Review: Saint Odd by Dean Koontz

Like the rest of this series, Saint Odd blew me away. There's not a lot I can say without spoilers but I'm also not sure what to say that could express how I really feel here. From the beginning, Odd captured my heart with his fight to keep good conquering evil. Even though I own most of the novels Dean Koontz has published, and many more from other favorite authors, I've never stumbled across a character that resonated as deeply as Odd. Which is at least part of why I hate to see the series end.

I actually finished this book several days ago, but I just haven't come to grips with the series being over. I write this review now because I'm realizing, I may never come to grips with it. This will probably forever be one of my favorite fictional characters, my favorite series.