11 June 2011

Summer is Here

So school is officially over for my third year as a SUNY Plattsburgh Physics major. This summer I want to begin planning for the wedding, study for the GRE and the GRE subject test, and learn to mountainboard.

So far we have decided that we are going to do a blue/black theme. So the gentlemen will be wearing black pants with blue shirts most likely, maybe black vests. And this means that the bridesmaids will wear blue dresses. I have yet to explore this avenue. If we do decide on doing silk flowers, then I have found a site that sells a bunch of different shades of blue for reasonable prices.

As far as studying for the GRE's, well I started reading my Physics book and should probably work a little more on that. However, I have gotten sucked back into the fiction reading addiction that generally attacks over all breaks from school. Rather than reading for the GRE's, I have been reading mostly Dean Koontz and Ted Dekker books with a sub-interest in Lisa Gardner and Clive Cussler (boats....*drool*). On the lighter side of things I have actually started reading for and working on my Advanced Research Project.

As far as mountainboarding goes I rode down the hill I lived on for the first time this summer and will work my way up to Fox Hill when I receive my carry bag in the mail.

I have lost about 3 pounds...I'll work on this one.

11 May 2011

Eight Bookshelves

So about a week ago the library sent out a notification that it was giving away a large portion of it's periodical collection. I jumped on the chance and requested 8 different ones thinking that some profs would get priority and that as a liberal arts type college we would have maybe a few magazine size journals for each title that I requested. It turns out that I'm looking at 8 full bookshelves about 7 feet high each. Best opportunity ever? Or worst impulse decision ever?

05 May 2011


Today, I am engaged to the love of my life.

25 April 2011


As much as I love to write...I cannot seem to come up with anything feasible for my term paper. I have a list of topics and a few outlines and now I'm up to 2 and 1/2 pages on MHD drive. I really look forward to this semester ending so my batteries can be recharged. I really think I need it.

Then next semester I can enjoy my new writing class: Writing the Coming of Age Novella. I think I will have plenty to say on that topic. And at the very least I can BS creative writing.

19 April 2011

Number One

Welcome to my page. I've had blogs before from various domains but decided that I would like a chance at a fresh start. If you know me then you are probably used to me scrapping the old and starting something new. If you don't know me then you just learned your first tidbit "about me."

I like to write creatively and I like to write to sort out my thoughts. Right now I'm thinking about using my writing again as a stress relief mechanism. Like most other college students, I feel I have a fair amount of stress.